I was born in 1972 in Nuoro, Sardinia, grew up in Frankfurt, Germany, and since live in the area just outside Frankfurt known as Main-Kinzig.

I discovered my love of painting at a young age. I made my first attempts at oil painting when I was just 3 years old.

My interest in art, architecture and design were already significant inspirations during my youth and, in this way, I developed autodidactically in my art.

Being on the move, moving around a lot as a child as well as my travels as an adult have all helped to enrich my view of people, landscapes and also to enrich my art.

In the mid-1980s I began to mainly occupy myself with oil painting and photography. Artists such as: Magritte, M.Ray, Miro´, Kandinsky,  Versace, Testino, Mitoraij and so on, influenced my view of art.

It was the discovery of Salvador Dalí and surrealism that first significantly changed my view of art. But it was actually Dalí’s perfection in his painting that decisively influenced me. I have occupied myself for years with his life and his art and have studied his technique.

After so many years, I can say that Dalí’s paintwork, the Catalonian, Sardinian and Tuscan landscapes as well as my travels further afield, particularly inspire me.

This is reflected in my choice of colours and motifs, among other things.

As of mid-2011 I am living my dream and am purely focusing on my work as a freelance artist.

Black and white photography is another big passion of mine.

It isn’t the ‘perfect’ photo or the perfect technique that fascinates me about photography, but actually the picture that has the ability to consume me and take my breath away.

Until now I have exhibited my works in both numerous individual, and group, exhibitions in Tuscany, Sardinia, in the Rhine-Main area as well as in the Main-Kinzig area.

My creativity stretches from oil painting (surrealism through to Modern Art), to black and white photography and sculpture, all the way through to interior design.











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