gianni pinna


painter   photographer   designer



Born in Sardinia/Italy in the seventies


Works and lives in Ronneburg near by Frankfurt/Main


artists which inspire my work


In the eighties I began to mainly occupy myself with oil painting and photography. Artists such as: Magritte, Picasso , Miro, Kandinsky, Man Ray, Mario Testino, Igor Mitoraij and so on, influenced my view of art.

It was the discovery of Salvador Dalí and surrealism that first significantly changed my view of art. But it was actually Dalí’s perfection in his painting that decisively influenced me. I have occupied myself for years with his life and his art and have studied his technique.




Until now I have exhibited my works in both numerous individual, and group, national/international exhibitions in Germany, Italy and in Austria.





It isn’t the ‘perfect’ photo or the perfect technique that fascinates me about photography, but actually the picture that has the ability to consume me and take my breath away.














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