Exhibitions & more...1999-2023

2022-23      Paintings          "Colors Of Faith"  acrylic on canvas, Ronneburg


2020-21      Paintings          "Colors Of Hope" acrylic on canvas, Ronneburg


2018-19      Paintings          "Colors Of Love"  acrylic on canvas, Ronneburg


2016           Photography   "fifty shades of grey" - 50 photographs, limidet edition of only 2, September, Ronneburg


2016           Sculpture         "gold & wood",  wood sculptures with 24 Karat Gold, Ronneburg


2015           Photography   "the other side of the mannequin", Ronneburg


2015           Photography   "architecture/starship/art" - project, Ronneburg


2014           Books                "Watching in black & white" & "The forest girl", Picture-Books Winter 2014 Limited Edition, Ronneburg


2014           Contest            DigitalPHOTO - german photo magazin contest, 4rd place "photographer of the year" category:Black & White"/ June


2014           Exhibition          LANDSCAPES, Artists: Giorgio Granozio, Andreas Minge, Gianni Pinna, Uwe Herbst, Werner Heinze, Mario Malfer,

                                             June 19 through August 1, Verdener Kunsthaus CasarettoArt, Verden, Germany


2014           Vernissage       LANDSCAPES - Artists: Giorgio Granozio, Andreas Minge, Gianni Pinna,

                                             June 19, 7 pm, Verdener Kunsthaus CasarettoArt


2014           Exhibition         Gianni Pinna - "The Forest Girl" - Photography -July 19, Kulturnacht - Büdingen, Germany


2014           Exhibition          "THE SPIRIT OF ART", Artists: Rohn Meijer/Italy, Jeff Cabella/France, VitorMejuto/Spain, Gianni Pinna/Germany

                                             (The Architecture Exhibition), Andreas Minge/Thailand,Jerome Romain/France, Joseph A. Ryan/NY

                                             June 16 through September 30, Hotel Cortisen am See, St. Wolfgang, Austria, presented by acquistapace/gieseman


2014           Vernisssage      THE SPIRIT OF ART - International Art Exhibition, Artists: Rohn Meijer, Gianni Pinna, Jeff Cabella, June 15,

                                             Hotel Cortisen am See, St. Wolfgang, Austria


2014           Exhibition          Gianni Pinna - "Watching In Black & White" - Photography, March 29 - June 29,

                                             Gallery LO STUDIO  Schlossgasse 22 Büdingen, Germany 


2014           Vernissage       "PRIMAVERA" , Artists: ONDINE GURALNICK, AXEL GALLUN, GIANNI PINNA, 29 March,

                                             Gallery LO STUDIO Schlossgasse 22 Büdingen, Germany


2014           Presentation     Gianni Pinna - "Watching In Black & White" & "The Forest Girl", Picture Books, presentation at the gallery

                                              LO  STUDIO,Februrary 7, Büdingen, Germany


2012-13      Exhibition          Gianni Pinna - retrospective of the surrealistic works, oil paintings, Gelnhausen, Germany


2012           Exhibition          Gianni Pinna - "faces&more", oil paintings, Gelnhausen, Mannheim, Germany


2012           Exhibition          Gianni Pinna - "Photography", Gelnhausen / Mannheim,  Germany

2004           Exhibition          Gianni Pinna - "Nude", oil paintings, Frankfurt


1999           Exhibition          Gianni Pinna - "Surrealism", 8 - 22.11.1999, Mannheim, Kunstforum.








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